May 31, 2012

the things they carried with them

it takes a lot to take a toddler out.
this morning cruz and i ran an epic amount of errands before heading to our baby boot camp. 
here's what i packed for us:
+ water bottle for me
+water bottle for cruz-- usually we share but tovi's felt a little under the weather and i didn't want to take any chances
+ snack packs of raisins, "goldfish" (the day he realizes that these are organic whole wheat bunny-shaped crackers instead of the bright orange cheddar-flavored fishes i've convinced him that he's eating, i will be in for a world of trouble), and a crusher
+ extra diapers
+ change of clothes
+ two books
+ three trucks
+ ten lip glosses (ok, those are for me)
+ BOB stroller
i also carry around a baby that works out-- beefing up with his daily "shush ups"

whew. no wonder my back hurts. 

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