February 28, 2012

about lions

before i get into the main part of the post, i want to give you a little glimpse into our family. i think this will really help you see the kind of mom and wife and cook i am:

every time i get out a pan to cook something, cruz cocks his head to the side and asks, "waffle?" 
he's on to me. 


this is a post about lions.

when baby e was nineteen weeks along in my tummy, we found out that he was a boy.
after the doctor's appointment, we went out to dinner, clutching an envelope that held either "it's a boy!" or "it's a girl!"
we ordered, made our final predictions ("girl." "definitely a girl."), broke open the seal, and saw "it's a boy" typed a thousand times.

after we ate (i, of course, had my daily pregnancy bacon cheeseburger) we walked to nordstrom and bought this sweet lion; our first baby purchase.

he sat in the corner of the crib and i would glance at him from time to time to remind myself that this little boy was coming.

cruz didn't pay attention to the lion at first.

but now the lion is what it is all about.
he comes with us every where.
the first words we hear cruz say in the morning are "wuhlie? wuhlie!" 
(cruz-lation: lion)
i even keep "small lion" in my purse because you never know when you will come across another wuhlie and need a way to prevent a meltdown. 
cruz can find a lion anywhere! we read books about lions, do puzzles with lions, watch clips of elmo dancing with lions. 

cruz wants wuhlie to eat all meals with him.
this morning i explained that wuhlies eat meat in the wild and don't necessarily want to share his breakfast banana. 
i don't think this will be our last conversation on the eating habits of lions. 


  1. This is so sweet! Hayden has a little giraffe that she loves to carry around as well. Its so heart warming to see someone you love so much, love their stuffed animal so much :)

    1. That's so true. Watching our kids love on something/someone shows us that love has been modeled to them. So gratifying.

  2. Cruz and "wuhlie" both have a wild mane sometimes! I love Cruz's soft hair. I just know it's soft. Right? Love and prayers, Aunt Beth

    1. So soft! Well, soft when it doesn't have berry juice and sleep sweat and dirt in it. :) I love those unruly curls right after he has a bath.

  3. I am a new to your blog! The lion is so cute, what a fun story!

  4. I love the lions! So cute!
    -new follower!


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