February 8, 2012

just you and me and us

i don't know about you, but somedays it seems to me like i'm always doing it wrong. 
you wouldn't know it from seeing my child.
i don't think my friends and family would say that i'm doing it wrong, at least not to my face.

but lately it seems that every parenting article i come across tells me so.

i am not anxious enough about my child's safety.
i am too anxious and that's probably rubbing off on him. 
why am i not letting my child graze on snacks all day?
oh, because he's only supposed to have three squares.
let your children run free!
i mean, give them a lot of structure!
for the love... you haven't done valentine's day crafts yet???

after two days of reining in a fussy toddler, i'm done worrying about cnn or babble thinks of my parenting skills. 

less worrying about what the media thinks, more cradling cups of tea in my hands, spending the afternoon with new friends. more walks with other moms, our strollers taking over the sidewalks. sharing life and meals with those i love best, and raising this precious baby in the midst of all this life. 

more snuggles, pacis, reading books in the middle of the night because that's just what we're going to do.

yesterday i almost printed out a mom of the year award for myself when i found a youtube clip of elmo with wild animals. teething tears turned into yelps of ecstasy. "e'mo! ti'ter! yiyon! eee eee aaa ooo ooo!"

i'm sure those fabulous french moms would never stoop to that, but i wouldn't change that moment for the world. i'm mommying my way now. 


  1. No one else has ever raised a Cruz before. God gave him to you because He knew you were the best people to raise him. No one else knows Cruz the way you do. You are the experts when it comes to raising him. And you're doing a great job!

    1. Amen Aunt Carol! Becca, you stick to those guns. I am totally in this boat right now. I got so much relief when I realized there's nothing I can do about the fact that her teeth have to come in, and for my kid, that happens to be torture. All we can do is love them through this temporary (thank God!) trial. Not that that helps all that much in the bad moments, but still ...

  2. I love that you are "raising this baby in the midst of all this life." Beautifully spoken.

  3. There are no rules for parenting. Every child and every moment is unique. We (all parents) are inadequate - not enough knowldge, not enough time, not enough love, not enough patience...

    All we can do is offer who we are and what we have - our 2 loaves and 5 fish (talk about inadequate) - and then pray to the Father that Jesus trusted to hear, that He will complete all we lack.

    And it certainly seems that between you and God Cruz is getting all he needs!

    love you - Dad


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