February 18, 2012

big walker

of all the baby stages i have looked forward to, walking is my favorite.
older women in the grocery store check-out line told me that when cruz walked, i would wish for him to crawl again. 
so let me tell you this right now:
I. Love. Walking.

when cruz wakes up from his afternoon nap and we don't have anywhere to rush off to and the weather is just right, we walk through the park to the nature trail. 
this is my favorite time of day because we have no agenda and 
we wander the path in any direction we choose. 
cruz picks up each tiny rock and wants to cram them all in his small fists.
when there's no one else on the trail, we get really quiet, sit on the ground, and listen to birds and dogs. 
i can't wait to show him the bunnies that live in deep under the bushes, and who come out only at dusk.
there are yellow flowers and purple flowers and white flowers. 

it is an unremarkable, uneventful walk but it is beauty like i never imagined.
watching tiny steps where there used to be crawls.
finding small flowers hidden under plants and peekaboo played with large maple leaves.
like adam in the garden, cruz points and gives everything a name. 
wowwa. nant. puppy. 'tick. 

it won't always be this quiet.
it won't always be just the two of us.
he won't always asked to be carried when he gets tired and one day he will be simply too big for my arms. 

walking together, step by tiny step, i am full and satisfied. 


  1. So nice, Becca. Cruz looks like such a big boy!

    1. It's really amazing how much he's changed since Christmas, huh?

  2. This resonates deeply. So beautifully expressed, Becca!

  3. This is sooo sweet. I had lots of people "jokingly" make comments to me like that too & it always just annoyed me. We're lovin our little walker as well :) It's amazing how much they LOVE to explore!

    1. I think it's so rewarding to see them discover the world!

  4. That's how I feel about Brooklyn crawling! It's so fun to see her explore and hear her little hands slap the ground as she goes. Ahhhh, it's the BEST! Can't wait for walking, and glad you're enjoying it.

    1. I love the slap-slap of little paws on the ground :)

  5. The joy you feel watching Cruz must be how God feels watching us when we really pay attention to and love the world he created for us. Dad


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