March 6, 2012

sometimes i just need the reminder

you're picking up toys on the living room floor 
for the fifteenth time today

matching up socks and sweeping up
lost cheerios that got away

you put a baby on your hips, color on your lips
and head out the door

well i may not know you but i bet i know
you wonder sometimes if it all matters at all

let me remind you that it all matters just as long 
as you do everything you do for the glory of the One who made you

{lyrics by steven curtis chapman, life by me}


  1. I love these lyrics! All our work matters. It does! Keep doing it for His glory...
    Love and prayers, Aunt Beth

  2. great encouragement for me today! thank you :)

  3. i feel like ALL i ever do is clean up messes. while i am cleaning one, the boys are off making another. while i am cleaning THAT one, they are off in another room making yet another. i feel like it is all i ever do. :(


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