March 14, 2012

we will bless them with lions

so we traveled, cruz and i.
two hours in the car.
two hours at the airport.
six hours on the plane.
one hour in the car.

two minutes of crying.

i know. i know.

like a normal person, i had been stressed about a solo cross-country flight with a toddler.  (maybe i should wait to post this until after we make the trip back?) really, really stressed. cruz is good natured, but active, and doesn't like to be penned in. 
i think we can all relate to feeling penned in on a plane, baby in tow or not. 

i was starting to have a negative attitude about the travel, and when i start feeling negative, i turn to my friend zoe for some inspiration. she wrote here about her "hello ministry" and i thought to myself, yes! instead of being a pain to those around us, cruz and i are going to bless our fellow travelers with snacks, laughter, trucks, elmo, and perhaps even a lesson in patience. if he cries the whole time, i am going to bless that plane by being a patient and compassionate mother. we will bless them with our sweet bond. we will bless them with a sense of humor. we will bless them with lions. 

here are some of the people we met:
+ while we waited for the plane, cruz did laps around the concourse restaurants for thirty minutes. two businessmen started cheering every time they saw him coming around the corner.
+ cruz walked straight up to a construction worker and delighted in his hard hat. the worker gave him a high five.
+ the row of orthodox jewish men sitting behind us on the flight to new york made the best funny faces and kept cruz in peals of laughter.
+ over lunch, we sat next to two brazilian businessmen and we practiced our halting portguese with them-- excellent practice for our week in new york with my precious niece!

it made the travel a delight, honestly. around every corner, in every row of the plane was someone else we could meet and connect with. we weren't penned in-- we forced ourselves into the space of others and spread that sweet baby joy (and okay, some sweet baby crumbs too!). 


  1. What a blessing for everyone! Love, Aunt Beth

  2. Ok, you have probably seen these, but I am just in love with them. I am, I'll admit, someone who gets crabby about small children on planes (I try not to, I really do. I totally get how 'penned in' is not fun for a 2 year old) But this would melt me.

    1. I think it's cute, but the part I get concerned about is "explain why you're traveling with a child." I don't think any of us need to justify why we're traveling! Just give each other grace. :)

  3. So glad you had sucha a successful trip! We had the same concerns when we flew down to Arizona a couple months ago, but that trip ended up being just fine too {both ways :)} It's amazing how kids will surprise ya!

    1. It really is. Cruz was a champ on the way home as well.

  4. so glad it was successful!! i would be freaking out too! i am trying to build the courage to fly with both boys, by myself, to visit my aunt in florida. not sure i have the courage.

    1. it's certainly a juggling act! flying with littles means that you're "on" every second of the flight. i didn't even have a sip of water for six hours! but you can do it. most people were so nice to us. i think the key was to have a good sense of humor and just be really aware of what cruz needed and how he was handling the trip. also, start praying now that other toddlers will be seated near you!


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