March 22, 2012

don't push your luck

yesterday morning, cruz had a bit of a run-around wearing only a diaper before we had breakfast. 
i love his little chunky belly so much, and sometimes it needs to protrude forth in all its glory.

cruz wandered over to his crib, stuck a hand between the slats.
"sassy?" he asks, innocently.
"no, baby," i say, straightening up his bookshelf. "you don't need a paci right now."
he tries again. "sassyyyyy?" the lower lip starts to quiver.
"no," more firmly. "the paci went night-night."
"nigh-nigh," he sighs and walks over to me. he smooshes between my legs, looks up, one head cocked to the side, the sparkle in his eye says that he's up to something.

don't push your luck. 


  1. he is adorable! I remember when we took sydney's paci away that is what we told her and after a day she was fine without it. good luck!

  2. I am so nervous about taking away the paci for good! He's such a champion of a sleeper with it. I'm so glad that went smoothly for you! Gives me hope. :)


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