January 3, 2013

what {we} wore on wednesday

good morning, wednesday, friendsday!
here's my cruz, up from a snooze.
(can you deduce that we've been reading a lot of dr. seuss?)
actually, cruz is perusing his new book "goodnight, goodnight, construction site." it's adorable. get it for the construction lover in your life.
and i think you'll start sensing a theme for our lives...
trucks! tools! sports! boy things!

it was my plan to have some jammie pictures for ya, but pregnancy is unpredictable and i spent the evening in bed, blah blah, etc.

what he wore on thursday morning!
goodness gracious, i love a kid in jammies.

and of course i need to keep myself a little bit accountable for the not-wearing-of-yoga-pants-so-often. here's what i've been wearing over the last week or so. i'm starting to wear some maternity clothes, but most of my outfits are pulled from items i already owned. i know some women that are anti-anti-anti maternity clothes, but i say embrace it! after all, what's the worst part about wearing jeans? the buttons and zippers of course! maternity pants take that totally out of the equation. winner.
apparently the key to my maternity style is wearing the same white t-shirt over and over again (thank you, gap!).
mmm. so many awkward smiles. 

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  1. Catching up on your blog! I love your cute style. I'm the same...one shirt worn many different ways. Love Gap Pure Body! Keep up the great posts :)


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