January 28, 2013


tovi, cruz, abby and i loaded up our car this weekend to watch our two nephews in the bay area (side note: remember when my entire life could be packed into my small mazda? yeah, that seems like a dream to me too). so that was two adults, two dogs, three toddlers, eight naps to orchestrate over two days, approximately two thousand cuties consumed, a seemingly endless parade of poop, and frankly, a minimal amount of meltdowns! tovi and i high-fived each other all weekend long. we made it our goal to love on our nephews, give them some special one-on-one time with each of us, and start creating some awesome relationships between these three boys. it was priceless to see them laughing with each other, coming up with funny games, and the whole thing just makes me hopeful about this family that we're all building together. can't wait for the new littles to join this crew.

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  1. awwww, it sounds like it was an amazing weekend!


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