January 11, 2013

{january} 10 on 10

thursday was the tenth of the month, and once again i got close to taking ten pictures, but didn't quite make it. as my dad would say when he's being silly, pert'ynere but not plum. but that's just my dad.

so here's what we were up to on one random day in january.

6:30am. i wake up early in the morning and try to get through my devotions and making my daily to-do list before i hear babbles and snatches of song coming from cruz's room. i've been reading through the she read truth: fresh start daily devotional. every day is another story of someone in the Bible that got a fresh start or a second chance (this is basically everyone in the Bible, so it's encouraging). 

7:45am. i am getting cruz out the door for a morning at daycare. he loves daycare, so i don't tell him we are going until about ten seconds before i'm ready to head out the door as i have learned the hard way that if i tell him too early he'll just run out the front door and stand by the car. here i asked him to show me his happy face. enjoy.

8:45am. i am alone in the house and that is miraculous and wonderful. lately i have been loving going back to an old fashioned spiral-bound daily planner. love. it. it makes me feel slightly more organized and i like the visual-ness of it better than i like looking at my schedule on google calendar (although i still use that too).

 10:35am. i am getting ready for a meeting with crushcakes, a local cafe and delicious purveyor of cupcakes.

11:45am. the owner of crushcakes is awesome! as i leave, she boxed up some cupcakes for me to take home. delicious!

3pm. so two year olds are weird? cruz's latest "thing" is "bowling" with all my hairsprays. morning til night. bowling bowling bowling. fortunately for him, i have a lot of hair spray, volumizing mousse, dry shampoo, etc to make the full bowling set. i think he even slept with the hair spray. 

5:30pm. this is the aftermath of a playdate with some new fun friends. why haven't we done more evening playdates? the kiddos played, megan and i ate hummus and chatted. it was awesome. evening playdates are the best. 

7:06pm. brush 'ems! (see also: hair spray)

7:21pm. dear friend, until this very moment pictured, i had believed in my heart of hearts that i had bought food for dinner. i did not. i ended up with a dinner of leftover lemon chicken, mashed potatoes, and crab rangoons. 

after "dinner" we turned on the heat, cuddled up, and watched a few episodes of the office. lovely day. 


  1. Becca, I love your blog! It is so well-written and often really funny! I saw on your planner you have a blog class? What is that?

  2. Oooo, what kind of dry shampoo do you use and do you love it? I've been thinking about getting some for a while now but don't know where to start. Thanks so much for the playdate, and yes, evening playdates are the best! B and I are 4 o' clock regulars around some houses.


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