January 21, 2013

what {we} wore last wednesday

oh it's monday, and i think you know how i feel about mondays. i love mondays so much that i can even catch up on all things i was supposed to get done last week. like blog posts. and dishes. 
(pretend i didn't tell you that last part)

 here is what we do in our house from morning until night: we bowl.
we are bowling fiends.
cruz rushes downstairs in the morning, sets up his "track" (two buses, naturally), i set up the pins, and then let the bowling joy (or tears of frustration) begin!
there is an old family story about one of my uncles working at a bowling alley as a kid. his job was to reset the pins after each throw and for his pains he was paid a penny per pin.
let me tell you, from where i'm standing that doesn't sound like a bad deal...
I'm looking for someone to set up my pins...
I pick you!
cruz has been eating so. much. oatmeal. like, so much that we had to upgrade to the costco pack of oatmeal this week. so. much. my son has many fine qualities, but eating oatmeal neatly is not one of them so immediately after breakfast we change (after a little diaper time, of course).

my sister-in-law gave this shirt to cruz for christmas and i couldn't wait for him to wear it! too cute. 
we've been practicing our "faces." cruz calls this one "surprised."oh, i could just eat him. 

and here's how i've been dressing the bump lately.
after 18 weeks i was officially in maternity pants zone. i pulled on a regular pair of jeggings one night before we went out, and tovi very kindly mentioned, "i think those might be a stretch."
but of all our outfits this week... this one is my favorite:
we're having a girl!!! 
wednesdays just got even better. 


  1. A girl!!! So happy for you, pretty Mamma! Aunt Beth

  2. Just saw this, Becca! Congratulations on your news!! So happy for you!!!
    You look gorgeous!!
    Love, Aunt Judy

  3. Becca, I'm catching up on blog reading-- it's much more fun than catching up on dishes, agreed? Congrats on your little girl! I have a feeling "What We Wore on Wed" is about to get a dose of ruffles and frills and all things baby girl?!? So fun!


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