September 7, 2011

What He Wore On Wednesday

Hi sweet friends!
Welcome to our warm, warm Wednesday.
These two are finally making peace and becoming friends.
They sat by the back door this morning begging to go outside for our morning romp.
How cute is that? And how cute are those starship jammers?
As Cruz crawled toward the soccer ball, a beam of light fell on him.
This is absolutely one of my most favorite shirts!
It's actually from a set of pjs, but it's way too cute not to wear out. 
Oh, by the way, when did my little guy turn into a toddler?
He looks so old!
A little relaxin' before bedtime... Cruz loves nothing better than just hanging out in his diaper. As soon as he gets his clothes off, he goes nuts! 
Trying to settle down for bed in his soccer jammies.


1 comment:

  1. He is looking SO big! And, I love the pic of him with light beaming on him as he reaches for the soccer ball...surely it is destiny!


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