September 19, 2011

While You Are Sleeping

Dear Cruz,

Thank you for going to bed at the charmingly early hour of seven. Since your daddy works until 8 on most nights, this is great. I lay you in your crib, pour myself a glass of wine, and cook while I wait for your dad to come home. 

Cruz, you may never know this, but your mom and dad have a whole life while you are sleeping. 
We eat.
We talk.
We do our Bible study.
We don't always talk about you, but when we do, it is full of love and dreams for your future. 
We laugh. Oh man, do we laugh.
We also might watch a lot of Jersey Shore. What can we say, we're not perfect.

There's so much you don't know about us yet. 
You don't know about Brazil. Or London.

You don't know how much I love to read, but you suspect how much daddy loves sports.

You don't know how special our friends and family are to us or just how much they love you.

Hey, guess what? We eat a lot of ice cream while you're sleeping! Ice cream that you won't have for, like, years. Sorry bud. 

While you are sleeping, you don't know that we speak our own language and finish each other's sentences. Actually, we can start each other's sentences. 

And I don't know if you'll ever know these things. 

And maybe we'll keep it that way (because we're going to be your super lame parents, you future surly teenager, you).
But know this, small son... there sure is a lot of love in this family. Even while you are sleeping. 

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  1. This post brought me so much joy and gladness! Love to your family!


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