September 5, 2011

Our Day Out

Tovi was away on Saturday, nerding out over fantasy football
so Cruz and I had a play day all to ourselves!
"Cruz-man," I mused as we drove down the 101,
"What would it be like to live in a town with a Target?"
Delightful, that's what it would be like. De. Light. Ful.

We were Target bound and ready for a good time!

I am often amazed at the power my boy has over other people.
{And don't go around thinking that I think this is exclusive to Cruz; he's simply my own personal case study.}
A family in front of us in line was fighting, as families are known to do. 
(No judgement here!)
They noticed Cruz behind them and stopped their argument to be able to chat with him. 
The mom and I talked about baby clothes while the dad and kids crowded around the stroller.
Cruz kicked and babbled and even gave them a goodbye wave.

"Job well done, little man!" I patted him on the head and went in search of a treat for my little peacemaker.

Here's a tip from one thrifty mom to another:
Babies can't tell the difference between pet stores and zoos.
We looked at frogs...
at snakes...
This was my favorite snake.
A young couple brought their puppy into the store, which essentially made this trip the best day of Cruz's life.
He kept shrieking, "Dah! Dah!" 
Does this mean "dog" will be his first word?

Cruz also says "mamamama" when he wants more of something.
This is not a good precedent.

Then home again, to play with our own "dah."

{We got some great baby clothes at Target! Can't wait to show you on some future Wednesday. Preppy boys clothes just make me love the fall that much more!}


  1. Make sure you bring Cruz to Indiana and I'll let him pet some pretty snakes! (and lizards and turtles:) )


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