January 17, 2014

what's working {in january}

i am always trying to simplify our lives. less stuff, less stress, you know the drill. part of me realizes, however, that our lives are always changing, so our needs are always changing. what seems to work well in one season doesn't work well in the next. so here's what works for me... for now.

+ dream matte mousse. this is make-up that i bought at the grocery store on a total whim on thanksgiving morning. there could not be a sadder cosmetic purchase than that. so, i was clearly going into this with very low expectations... and have been extremely happy! this take 0.5 seconds to put on, is a light coverage, i feel like it lasts all day. and is $8. win win win.

+ the walgreens photo app. you guys. the walgreens photo app is genius and walgreens is about to make a million dollars from hipsters and instagram-obsessed moms. you open it up, the app pulls up your instagram feed, click click click the pictures you want and, not even kidding, they'll be ready in less than an hour. it's genius.

+ babymel diaper bag. i carried my trusty petunia picklebottom almost every day for three years... and it was just time. i was tired of it. it was worn and smelly. i got this babymel from nordstrom and couldn't be happier. because of the stripes, obviously. but some other things too-- with the boxy shape of the ppb, i spent too much time digging down deep into the bag before i found what i was looking for. this bag has more pockets and a wider shape. (this picture doesn't do the bag any justice)

+ ekhart yoga on youtube. we've been doing some yoga over here. i wish we were doing more, but whatevs. i like these videos because they are shorts and effective. my friend robin also has an online pilates program coming out in february, and i hope to get that into my routine as well! (maybe that will be in what's working: feb edition)

+ wit and wisdom jeggings. this is another recent nordstrom purchase and wow. softest jeans ever. they keep their shape and make YOUR shape look amazing. people have asked me if i've lost weight or have been working out (hahahaha. no.). i feel great in these.

+ three goal lists. i first read about this idea from hayley of the tiny twig, and because she's wise, i decided to give it a try. wow! hello, productivity. at the beginning of each day, i make six goals: three for home/life and three for work. after those tasks get done, i feel free to add more to my list, but narrowing it down to three goals really helps me to prioritize my time. i end up feeling really productive, and tend to get the tasks i dislike out of the way faster.


  1. definitely checking out that app and those jeans! thank you! and thanks for mentioning my program too...I'm glad you're going to join me :)


  2. I AM LEARNING SO MUCH FROM YOU. No really, keep doing these posts, okay?

  3. Yeah, so those jeans are now on my shopping list. I especially like that they "run big" and to order the size down, which will help me feel like I'm back to my pre-baby size!


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