January 21, 2014


we're almost eight months into this and i still can't get over how great she is. london is the friendliest baby you could ever dream up. never wants to miss a moment of what we're doing. if we're out at a restaurant, she will stare a person down until they smile back. she'll throw her body around to make sure she can see you. if she lays her head down on the highchair juuuust right, she can peek under the kitchen table, through the living room and over to the office to watch tovi working at his desk. she yells, "mamamama!" when she's mad and says, "aaaaaa!" whenever she sees a dog. she's a light sleeper (so light we don't even talk about her at night-- i just said her name to tovi while i sit here typing this post and she started crying), but a regular napper. she loves her brother and her daddy and her mommy and her dog. her favorite toys are her baby dolls (or whatever cruz happens to be playing with). she is pure joy.

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