April 10, 2013

today you napped

today you napped. oh my darling son, how i needed that. i was thisclose to giving up naps for good, but you have napped two days in a row and it has been heaven. were you having a growth spurt? thinking up too many ideas in your curious brain to settle down? let's be really honest... were you "thinking about the drains"?

well, you got rewarded for your nap with a really, really good adventure this afternoon. it was free cone day at ben & jerry's! (also, wasn't it just free cone day? here's the difference a year can make).
we stood in the looonnnngggesssttt line with a million high school students, and a family of seven that cut right in front of us. does my eight-months-pregnant belly not scream, "do not cut me off from ice cream!"? on the inside i was fuming, but thankfully you were the spokesperson for our family that day. because you were extra rested and extra cute and kept commenting, "patient for the ice cream," a nice woman took pity on us and gave us her "cut to the front of the line pass." thank you, sweet stranger!

you worked hard on your cone, and we walked down to the farmer's market. we bought strawberries and lettuce from a women who recognized us from the last market! if i had a bucket list, getting recognized by a farmer at the market might be on it. our new best friend farmer is having a baby in july, and we talked about how sore our backs are, the genius of body pillows, and how sweet baby boys can be.

and seriously, you are the sweetest. when you wake up with sunshine in your smile and ask about our "abenture" for the day, and the sweet way you want to bring your lion every where... kid, i cannot get enough of you.

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