April 16, 2013

Lion + Pig

there's a shabby sort of gentleman who lives in our house. he hasn't bathed in awhile. his hair is matted down. his colors have gone from golden to muddy brown. he smells like sleep. he once sat up tall and proud, but now he slumps over; his back is not what it used to be.

but he's loved beyond measure. there's a certain little boy in our house who doesn't like to be too far from him. he's held under arms, he comes with us on car rides, and is snuggled up to at every nap and every bedtime. he gives and receives kisses with abandon, and he helps us to practice holding a baby.

it was time for big lion to get a friend.

big pig came to live at our house today, in anticipation of baby girl's arrival. she was sitting in the front seat when i picked cruz up from daycare. "a piiiiiiig!" he said, craning his neck around. "a friend for lion."

there's a sparkly lady pig who lives in our house. she's pristine and pretty. all of her stuffing is in the right place and her tail still holds a perfect curl. but my deepest, dearest wish for her is that someday she will fall over from too many squeezes, that her ears will droop from being chewed on, and that her pink won't always be so bright because of too many trips to the beach.
what a beautiful thing it is to be loved.



  2. We have the same lion and I love him! I hope he gets loved on as much as your lion some day :)

  3. So lovely. I'm waiting for my little, only 8 1/2 months old, to pick his special friend but so far he hasn't. Big Lion and Big Pig are so lucky to live at your house. = )

  4. I love this. Where are those from?!

  5. Juju has the piggy too, she looooooves it :)


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