April 5, 2013


here's what we were up to in march, at least according to instagram:
+ i started my third trimester, and coincidentally ate a lot of cupcakes
+ we spent an inordinate amount of time on the basketball courts near our house
+ oh, and we did drains. drains, drains, drains.
+ gosh, my boy is so dreamy. love.this.kid.
+ ok, he's dreamy, but in march he stopped napping. apparently i have compensated for this by taking him out for treats in the late afternoon. not a good precedent to set, mama...
+ my parents came to visit and it was amazing. and isn't my mom the prettiest??
+ alright, fine, sometimes we do activities beyond basketball and drains. sometimes we check out the rats at the pet store and sometimes we remember that we're five minutes from the beach.
+ i've been delightfully cooking my way through shauna niequist's bread and wine. review and giveaway coming next week! get excited!!

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