December 5, 2012

what {we} wore on wednesday

it is sooooo time for a wednesday post, don't you think?
(this is a really good one)

my cruz-man has been recovering from a cold, so i was excited to wake up to a sunny baby this morning.

cruz was very impressed with the syncronicity of wearing fire truck jams while holding his fire truck and reading about fire trucks. 
we aim to please around here.

it was sunny and warm today for the first time in what feels like forever but in reality has been about five days. time to take advantage of the sun!
love that this guy helps with yard work!

well... i told you this was going to be a good post...
cruz, are you ready?
show em' what you got!

aaaannnndd that's why it's been quiet around these parts. without going into too many details in this post, between you and me, i've had a touch of the kate middletons if you get what i'm saying. 

i'm happy to be back and thrilled for this precious little one that will be joining us in early june. 

so what's your average mama wearing in her second trimester these days?
stripes, of course!
and my sweet new necklace from lady lee & drew jones that i won from my friend laura over at lb's goodspoon. love. it. the necklace is baby friendly (non-tox, durable, etc), and i can attest to that because thirty seconds after i opened the package, cruz had stolen it and let his lion wear it. hm. 

this one's for all you bump-watchers.

and for all you christmas lovers.

happy wednesday!


  1. Ooooooh the pure joy this brings my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So so happy for you all :)

  2. yay!!!!!!!!! so happy :) CONGRATS!

  3. How exciting for you guys! Hope everything is smooth from here.

  4. Big Brother & soon-to-be Little Sister/Brother!!! I'm so excited for you four! I hope that things are going better in the second trimester. And, I love the stripes, very cute!

  5. !!!!!!! Congratulations! So happy for you guys!!

  6. congratulations, becca! i have to say, i had a very VERY strong feeling this was why you were missing (from your blog) for 2 months. so happy i was right :-) cruz will be the best big brother... yay!
    -susannah (cruz's future mother in law from boot camp)

  7. Congratulations! Hope you feel better. Love you! Aunt Beth

  8. Becca, this is SUCH great news! A huge congrats to you and your family of 4!

  9. You look great! If you are okay with it we would love to use the photos of you wearing your necklace on our facebook page and blog! No pressure at all, just wanted to check and see - you look so lovely!


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