December 11, 2012

10 on 10

i decided to try the ten on ten challenge yesterday where you take ten pictures on the tenth day of the month, and live to tell the tale. ok, just kidding. it helps you discover the beauty in the everyday and answers the age-old question, "what do i do all day?"


6:35am. my sweet husband gets up far before the break of day. sometimes i go back to sleep, but sometimes i roll over and catch up on twitter   do my devotions. 

7:07am. it's time to get cruz out of bed because he has daycare at 8. usually he's up and playing in his bed by now, but this morning i walk into to find this:

7:20am. don't judge us. we're eating waffles and peanut butter pretzels for breakfast. i may be feeling better but i'm still pregnant. there is no real cooking happening around here.

8:42am. i love mondays. cruz is at daycare for the morning and i have the house to myself. being alone at home is a special kind of awesome. i am incredibly productive on mondays. work is getting done. laundry is started between phone calls. the house is spic and span. there's nothing like it. 

12:25pm. you know it was a good day at school if you have to strip down the moment you walk in the door.

1:30pm. cruz goes down for a "nap" (he sings in his bed for an hour and a half until i march in, change his diaper, make him cry because i put him back in bed, and then eventually cries himself to sleep). as my wise friend anna says, "singing is not restful for mama. only sleeping is restful." i finish up some work and eat one hundred of these:

ok! you're right! this is only seven pictures! i forgot to take them for the rest of the day. you missed out on pictures of our dinner (orange chicken-- pregnant, remember?), of a man sitting alone at starbucks knitting (bold move, sir), christmas joy overload at pier one, and a MOPS planning sesh with my friend krista (our holiday party is going to be uh-mazing!!). maybe next time. 

hope your day was filled with everyday beauty. 


comments make my day. xo.

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