December 21, 2012

let's go to the zoo

i am sometimes (often) at a loss for what to do with cruz between naptime and dinnertime. if we've spent the morning coloring, playing cars, going for a walk, errands, singing songs, i am tapped out by the time 4pm rolls around. i mean, anyone else? am i speaking anyone's language right now?

this summer i finally bit the bullet and bought us a zoo membership, and it's a total afternoon lifesaver. our local zoo is rather small, but it's a toddler paradise. because we have a membership, i don't mind if we only go for a hour (or less!). we can run around, play on the awesome playground, check out a couple of animals, and by the time we get home it's dinnertime.


when we arrived the other day it was cold and already growing dark. i swear we were the only people there! cruz ran up the hill and after a quick visit to the playground, started running in his favorite direction yelling, "lions! lions! lions!"

have mercy i love this kid. he has this boundless enthusiasm, this curiosity that drives him forward, and a passion for all his little loves (lions, trucks, trader joe's cereal bars) that just inspire me. i can't get enough of him. is this the cheesiest paragraph i've ever written? yes. but it's just all true. two year olds are my favorite.

when we visit the zoo at dusk, the lions are usually feeling frisky. on this particular afternoon chadwick and gingerbread were jumping up on the rocks, pacing around, and roaring. so. good.

we walk along the paths and cruz knows that he's allowed to pick up "one rock" or "one stick." obviously we brought our own cars along.

he watches the penguins. i watch the sunset.

God, thank you for making cool animals and sunsets and little boys.

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