September 30, 2013

writer's block

i think this is only my second blog post in september. it's silly, really, because a lot of fun has been going on. a lot of work and busy-ness, potting training certainly, but also a lot of fun. even so i've written only one other post and the truth is that i have suffered from a fantastic month of writer's block.

in the last year, i've found that my writer's block comes at me fierce when i want to write on one idea and God would have me write on another. i want to stay safe with some topic like "girlfriend, don't even worry about never wearing those pre-baby jeans" and He would have me write about something else. not that pre-baby-jean blog posts aren't great because they are and you know me-- i like to pair my thirst for social justice with a side of which-shampoo-do-you-like-best. but right now God wants me to write on something else.

the problem is that i don't know what He wants me to write.

i don't know what He wants me to speak, but i will wait on Him. His words are (duh, of course) so much more beautiful and powerful than i could ever put down here myself. whether it is a simple truth or praise or a life-changing revelation, my words are chicken scratch, nothing but an annoying sound without God's truth and life-giving power behind them.

so i'll wait with expectation and excitement, and thrillingly watch Him dismantle my writer's block for His glory.

[side note: here's my entire post about pre-baby jeans: just get rid of them. don't even worry. nine months later, they're probably out of style anyhow. only people without babies give advice like, "wait a few weeks before trying on your old jeans." don't listen to it. don't ever try on those jeans again. you are way better than those jeans, anyhow, amen?]


  1. Agreed. Just get new jeans that are even more fabulous than any old ratty pair that you're hanging onto. (This from someone who is still hoarding the ones from pre-baby #1 in the back of the closet).

    1. Honestly, I think I'll wear my Old Navy maternity pop pants for THE REST OF MY LIFE. They are amazing, right?


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