September 17, 2013

where i stop and you begin

london is three and a half months old, and she's reaching that darling stage when you can catch her eye just right and everything changes. her whole face lights up with joy, she smiles so big, and even gives a little coo. "ahhh!" she says. to me it always sounds like, "ahh! there you are!" the other day she was sitting in her bouncy seat, smiling and cooing and kicking, looking up at me and we that moment when we recognized each other at the soul level: i am yours and you are mine. we are still the in the sweet place where our need for each other is so twisted together that mama and baby are still one unit and the place where i stop and she begins is fuzzy and sacred and fleeting.

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  1. I wrote a whole blog post today about how I'm not ready for a second baby and then THIS. Then I read this and I remember that sweet spot you're talking about and I.....need to get off your blog immediately ;)


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