August 16, 2013

what {we} wore on wednesday

good morning, friends! tovi has been off at soccer training camp about a million hours a day. it's getting grim around here, i'm going to be honest. i have been spoiled like nothing else by having a husband that mostly works from home! i've been praying that God would help me rise to the occasion. i need the daily reminder that i can do this, i am made for this, and if no one ever naps in this house again... well, that's why we have a keurig. 
^^ cruz's imagination has been growing by leaps and bounds! he has been wanting to do a lot of office work next to me. this sweet little desk is right next to mine.
^^ can i brag on my kid for a second? he knows how to spell. SPELL! out of the blue, he started spelling words. "babar. b-a-b-a-r." so i asked, "how do you spell 'mommy'? "m-m-m-m-y." "and 'dada'?" "d-a-d-a." "and 'london'?" "l-o-n-d-o-n." you guyyyyssssss. this is what i need in life.
 ^^ sometimes it's hard work waking up! baby london is rocking her hanna andersen jams which are my faves. it's the best brand of pjs i've ever come across. she wear cruz's hannas all the time, and these are her own sweet girly pair.
 ^^ speaking of sweet... freshly bathed babe!
^^ i loved every single one of these pictures so much i just had to use them all. cruz is looking like such a big kid these days. let's never talk about how he'll soon turn three. weatherwise, i cannot dress him correctly. it's the middle of august, and apparently on the central coast of california, that means it's already fall. long sleeved shirt and shorts? why not. it's 68 degrees and cloudy. i don't know how to handle this. (let me tell you what's going to happen-- it's going to be 85 in october when all i want is hot cider and pumpkin pie. ugh. i'm already mad about it)
^^ love. this. girl. i am adoring her squishy baby stage so much that i almost forget that babies just keep getting better! six months? out of this world fun! one year olds? delightful! outfit details: it is probably not a trendy blogger popular opinion, but i love getting her clothes from carters. yes, carters! the cheapest brand out there! (i cannot spend $38 on hipster baby leggings, i cannot) every item she's wearing today was gifted to us from three different people, all carters, brand, and it all mixes and matches. if only my clothes were like this! today she's wearing a birdy onesie, striped leggings, and...
^^ ruffle cardi! this is not london's best picture ever, but i had to include it because ruffle cardi.
and while my kids were wearing their cute, cute outfits...
^^ told you it was getting grim around here. when i snapped this pic, i literally could not remember the last time i'd showered. so that was our wednesday. xo//becca


  1. You ALL are cute! Showers are nice but babies and toddlers are priceless! Love, Aunt Beth

  2. Thanks for being real, my friend. Love those kiddos, and their momma! :) xoxox

  3. You are a crack up! And amazing! And adorable!


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