August 8, 2013


this is what we were up to in july... at least according to instagram (you can find me 'grammin' @beccaeliasen)
^^^ july is a big big month for us! in the span of one week, we celebrate tovi's birthday, our anniversary, and my birthday. i don't really know what it was, but all three of those occasions felt so special this year. for my birthday, tovi left little notes all over the house to remind me of why he loves me. #keeper #becca+tovi4eva
^^^ our friends helped us celebrate turning 30!! so thankful to have these great peeps in our lives.
 ^^^ june was rough. there was a lot of transition for us becoming a family of four. july felt a lot calmer. there was a great deal more structure and way fewer meltdowns.
 ^^^ headbands were worn with varying degrees of appreciation.
 ^^^ about one thousand people have told me that london looks exactly like tovi. but in a girly way, right, you guys??? (ps: please pause and reflect on that arm chub. lo, you are one delicious baby)
^^^ this little lady continues to delight us. it's hard to believe that she's only been here for two months!

and that was july. can't wait to see what august has in store for us! xo/becca

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