May 2, 2013

what {we} wore on wednesday

yesterday my prima asked me where all the wednesday posts had gone. "i've lost the will to get dressed!" i told her. and then i walked out of my house and accidentally met my new neighbor while wearing my maternity leggings and one of tovi's t-shirts.

so. cute.

time to regain the will to dress! thais, this post is for you.

cruz was up and at 'em today, excited to wear his new shirt. this kid is looking older and older every time i turn around! we took these pictures after his nap and on our way downstairs for our afternoon 'abenture.' obviously, big lion came along too.
i wanted to grab some jammie pics as well, but bedtime found him in the throes of a meltdown. it's tough being two! sometimes his nos mean yes and his yeses mean no. my little softy heart wants to calm all his tears and solve the problem by giving in, but fortunately tovi is alongside me to help me be consistent! so anyhow... no pictures of jams.
+ + +
dress that bump!
+ my favorite outfit of this bunch is the navy blazer, striped tank, red pants combo. i liked it so much that i wore it two days in a row. not even sad about it. 
+ i'm getting to the stage where people on the street say things like, "whoa!" when they see me coming. and by people, i mostly mean men. are men really this baffled by pregnancy? imma let you in on a secret: we get big.
+ last night we took a tour of the new maternity wing at the hospital. first off, it is gorgeous like a hotel. i'm looking forward to our stay! i found myself with tears in my eyes as we walked through the doors. it really hit me that our little miss is coming in just a few weeks, and that i have the profound privilege of laboring her into the world. 

just a few more weeks until there are two wednesday babes!


  1. No shame in wearing the same outfit two (plus) days in a row! Seriously, I felt so huge that when I found something that made me not feel so huge OR looked halfway decent I wore the heck out of it.

    But you are beautiful! And so close! Happy last few weeks of pregnancy, miss!

  2. You look so darling! I am really excited for you to meet baby girl. I can't wait to hear her name and see pictures. :) Also, I'm jealous of this new maternity wing. It sounds amazing! We switched hospitals since having Anna, and I haven't seen the new one yet. We go on a tour later this month and I'm really excited. I love seeing all the little cribs in every room.


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