May 7, 2013

how we get ready for a baby

less than thirty days until my due date, and we're kicking this getting-ready-for-baby thing into gear. here's how we get ready for a baby:

+ we wash everything. clothes, bouncy seats, car seat covers, and i even figured out how to soak the pack-n-play mattress. i have a deep cleaning schedule for the next thirty days. every week i take bags and bags and bags to goodwill. each swipe of dust seems to whisper, baby is coming, baby is coming. 

+ we assemble. swings, bouncy seats, closet organizers, mobiles.

+ we cook. during the week i double recipes and half gets frozen. i feel like a pioneer woman, storing up food for the winter.

+ we download apps. labor positions, contraction timers, checklists.

+ we relax. i breathe and picture my happy places during contractions. i do pilates. i listen to affirmations. i say no to some obligations so that i can say yes to my family.

+ we don't sleep. well, this one is just me. i creep downstairs at 3am. i eat a snack. i watch the west wing.

+ we cherish. last moments with an only child. last weeks of pregnancy, baby bum bumping up against my ribs. the last days of stretchy pants.


  1. Yes. I love this. The part I love most is that you're doubling recipes. I just thought to myself this week: must start doubling recipes. I have limited freezer space though. Any good ideas for meals I can store in flat ziplocks? Teach me your ways, oh wise one!

  2. Oh, the memories! It's only been a little over nine months now since we were prepping for our first, suddenly needing to clean all the windows inside and out, finally install a master closet after 2 years in the house, sort the baby clothes into different piles *again*. It's a magical time. So happy for you!

    Lesley, spaghetti sauce and soups freeze really well flat.


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