April 7, 2012

some things

+ things i like: when my best friend comes to visit
+ things i really like: when my son thinks that my best friend is his best friend

+ things i've seen four times in the theater: titanic
+ things that make me feel old: walking out of titanic the other night, the teenager behind us says, "i didn't expect him to die like that." 
+ things that make me relieved: our citrus trees have been abandoned for the last 18 months (hmm... i wonder what we were up to?), but they've forgiven us and are back with a vengeance!

+ things we're going to do today: dye easter eggs! clean the house! pick up a ham!

+ things i steal from cruz: burt's bees lotion
+ things cruz steals from me: my stretchy headbands. he calls them his "rope" and walks around shaking one in each hand. weirdo.

+ things i need: book recommendations!


  1. One Thousand Gifts - my favorite read of the 2011...I think you'd LOVE it.

    1. Ha! That book has been sitting on my nightstand, looking pretty yet unread, for about a year. Maybe it's time I crack it open. :)

  2. haha love this post. your son is adorable! i'll be looking out for the book suggestions as well...always need a good book!

    1. Thank you, Ashley! Yes, I've been reading far too much trash, I need something edifying. :)

  3. Hey! I've also seen Titanic 4 times in theaters, all in the year of its original release. I'll do a post on books this week, but the moral of that story will basically be, go with Kate's prompting!


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