July 27, 2011

let me pause this moment

please, let me pause this moment
when your spills can be cured with a kiss
when whatever i'm doing is what you want to do too
when i keep you away from the dog's water bowl
before i have to keep you away from scary things like drugs or the internet
or bieber fever

let me pause this moment because
you are curious rather than cynical
because everyone you meet is a friend
because i am your favorite person in the world
simply because i am
your mother and through
no achievement of my own

let me pause this moment because
you taught yourself to climb stairs but
you are slow enough for me to catch you first
because you still take three naps a day
and you eat whatever i put in front of you

let me pause this moment
because every day you are more precious and
more loved and i am afraid
that one day my heart
will simply


  1. Becca, this post is articulated so well. It makes me think about how so often I wish life had a pause button, just to soak up a little more of something great.

  2. Kyle turns 16 today - this made me cry :)

  3. Aunt Carol, for a museum curator, I'm surprised that you got your math wrong! There's no way Kyle is 16 already. :)


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