March 10, 2014

one handy nursing trick

when cruz was first born, i often worried about how much milk he was drinking. was his latch good? was he growing? when you're nursing a baby, it's hard to tell! (with london it was a little easier because she gained, like, a pound a week. not an exaggeration)

the books said to count the number of wet diapers. the boards on babycenter said to measure the ounces (what??). but i still wanted to know to cruz was getting enough milk. i think every new mom wants to know! my lactation consultant taught me a cool trick and i thought i'd share it with you, just in case you've ever asked, "is she getting enough milk?"

this trick is especially helpful with newborns who tend to fall asleep while nursing, although it certainly works with older babes too! after their active sucking slows down, lift up your baby's top arm. if there's any resistance, they're still hungry. if the arm flops back down, your baby is done! for london and cruz, this would also kind of wake them back up if they'd fallen asleep.

have you ever heard of this? do you have any handy nursing tricks?

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