February 6, 2014


this is what we were up to in january... at least according to instagram
^^ while we haven't had any real winter weather, we've been enjoying the most gorgeous winter skies. in a recent sermon, our pastor even talked about how every time there's a pretty sunset, everyone in santa barbara runs outside with their iphones raised high. it's true. and awesome.
^^ in january i was sorely in need of some refreshment (i'd say 'self-care' but i don't really like that word... more on that to come...). refreshment. i needed refreshment. i needed time to sit in the sun. i needed coffee and a cupcake and a couple of episodes of 'parenthood.'
^^ london looking pretty...
^^ and silly! she's getting so big and independent. she sits like a dream, is starting to pull herself up, and wants to crawl badly.
^^ apparently cruz only wants his picture taken while he's eating? here he is learning about the c-train (thank goodness my years and years at lindamood-bell are paying off!), and also at one of our many, many lunchtime picnics. this little park is about three houses down from us, and we've been there almost every day lately. both the kids have been growing and changing at a rapid pace this month. every single day seems full to the brim. 

here's to more in february!

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  1. London could not be cuter if she tried. HONESTLY. Gimme those cheeks.


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