October 4, 2013

lemon festival

our little town sometimes get a bad rap. we're right next door to a world-famous gorgeous town, and somehow, there's a line between us and them that sometimes feels a little embarrassing to admit. ok, maybe it has to do with the fact that we can walk to a chili's from our house, and no one in our fancy next-door-neighbor beach town would ever dream of eating at a chili's (ok, that might be a bit dramatic). listen, don't tell those fancy-pants townees, but our little not-as-cool-but-still-a-beach-town town is secretly getting cooler all the time. we have gorgeous beaches. we have organic farms and a brew co. i always run into someone i know at the grocery store, which is a lovely aspect of living somewhere small. did you know that we have a lake? we do! it's really cute! and recently, the california lemon festival came to the huge park just a few blocks from our house. tovi was off on a recruiting trip over the weekend, so my mother-in-law and i put the kids in strollers and we walked to the festival! good cover bands, some great people watching, a little lemon chicken, and a beautiful sunset. cruz was grumpy at first-- new situations + hunger can do that to the best of us, right? we listened to the band and i kept encouraging, "shake your bum! more!" as i tried to get him to dance. (#momoftheyear) (side note: cruz has amish blood and brazilian blood coursing through his veins. when it comes to the dancing gene, amish won) london gets the silly giggles in the evening, and the lemon festival was no exception. everything was funny to her. (also, i think i caught a ufo in one of the pictures! wink, wink. can you spot it?) it seems that with every passing year, we're putting our roots deeper and wider into our community, and its really becoming home.

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  1. This is how Nick and I feel as well! Love this neck of the woods.


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