November 28, 2012

so this is love.

parenting takes you down some weird roads.
you may find yourself heating up frozen chicken nuggets in the microwave despite swearing once that your child would never eat such a thing.
you may find yourself subjected to the absolute travesty that is mickey mouse clubhouse.

and sometimes you find yourself spending the afternoon at the local recycling plant.

because this is love. 
my friend audrey had a tour scheduled with her playgroup and invited cruz and i to tag along. we stood on a platform overlooking the facility (aka, toddler paradise), and gazed at big machines for about 45 minutes. on the ride home, cruz couldn't stop exclaiming, "excavator! dump truck! bulldozer!"
the look of pure joy. 
 thanks for inviting us along, miss z!
 as we were walking out of the facility, we discovered the garbage truck repair shop.


  1. That is the most awesome idea for a playgroup outing! I know my group would love it - we have almost all (truck lovin) boys!

    1. It was pure toddler paradise! I never would have thought it up myself, but am so glad we were invited along.

  2. When I take Cruz to Brazil, I'll be sure to arrange a visit to the city dump! Lots of big trucks dumping lots of stinky garbage. He'll love it!

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