August 8, 2012

what he wore on wednesday

i never used to throw up a lot.
(my english teacher always taught me to start writing with a good hook. hey, thanks for stopping by!)
but then i got pregnant, threw up an estimated 350 times (i did, in fact, estimate this), and at some point my immune system must have gotten very used to combating every illness or bug in the same way.
so that's what i was doing tuesday morning, for no apparent reason.

my saint-of-a-husband took cruz all morning while i whithered away in bed and watched reruns of tabitha's salon take-over. at around 4pm, i finally perked up, and got cruz into an outfit. however, i didn't have the energy to put him into pajamas three hours later, so that's why he woke up on wednesday wearing this.

two hours later, we were headed out to rancho la patera to pick up some items for work and also to enjoy a quick adventure at this gorgeous historic estate.

oh look, same outfit.

wow, i picked a really good day to do an outfit blog!

don't despair. things got better later on.

tovi and i head to london in a few weeks! i couldn't be more excited. i have every single outfit planned out already, thanks to pinterest and some inspiration from the bachelorette.
if cruz were coming, he could wear this shirt.
wait, you're not taking me?

no, you're going to play with your grandparents all week. 
yeah, we thought you'd like that better too.

happy wednesday!


  1. I'd rather play with Cruz, too!

    We'll play "lellow school bus and lellow bump" as long as he likes!

    Can't wait.

    pappaw (Cruz - did I spell this correctly?)

    1. He's very, very excited to have you come, Papa. :)


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