July 22, 2012

blueberries for cruz

it was my birthday last week, and i got to share a beautiful day with my dear friend ashley and her son.
ashley and i are two out of three gals who were roommates our freshman year at westmont, thanks to the housing department and the grace of God. 
it was as if the three of us spent the entire school year quoting c.s. lewis:
you too? i thought i was the only one.

and it continues today.
all three of us had baby boys within a year of each other! (ash paved the way. i feel like everything i know about childbirth and nursing, i learned from her.) even though sarah lives further away, i delight over her adorable son and any time we can chat, it makes my day. these girls are incredibly precious to my heart and i feel as though i could still relate to them fifty years from now. you know, soul sisters.

so it was a blessing to spend my birthday with ashley and her little lad! 
we went blueberry picking, which was just as messy and delightful as you can imagine it would be to let two busy toddlers free range around a farm. 

cruz took carrying the bucket very, very seriously. 

uh... blue steel?
could you be any cuter about sharing?

as soon as i took this picture, cruz knocked the entire pail over. you guys, blueberries are teeney tiny and it takes forever to collect a pail of them. next time, let's pick something larger, like strawberries or heads of lettuce. 


  1. did Cruz share the "lellow school bus?" Dad

    1. He did not! We are definitely working on sharing... xo

  2. Aw, that made my day! Too bad we don't live closer because Ben is in love with blueberries right now! I love the pictures of the boys and I love you soul sister! :)


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