June 19, 2012


cruz has been asking to do bubbles lately, and when a chubby young lad looks up at you, cocks his head to the side and asks, "bubbles?" you just don't say no. 
he is a creature of habit, so this is how we do bubbles:
+ cruz must hold at least two bubble wands, one in each hand. we have ten wands, and he will try his hardest to get his paws on all of them. i stay strong, and try to wrangle away at least one for myself. 
+ i sit in the chair in the backyard. i hold the bubble bottle and he stands in between my legs.
+ cruz is about the process. he is happiest when dipping the wands in and out, in and out, in and out. any bubbles are just delightful surprises. 

+ in typical cruz-fashion, he likes to give himself encouragement while we blow bubbles. he sticks the bubble wand straight into his mouth and blows a raspberry. "good job!" he yells. he has a sudsy moustache. 
+ when i'm finally allowed to blow some bubbles, he gives us the play-by-play. "bubbles," he says as they rise up into the air. "bubbles. bubbles. bubbles. pop."

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